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Playing in a Tunnel


Prosperity Community Outreach Incorporated (PCO) is a youth leadership and development program for at-risk youth, ages 5 - 19, located in one of Houston’s most economically depressed neighborhoods.

Founded in 2007, PCO offers to inner-city African American and Latino youth more than 10 support services that consist of, teen pregnancy prevention, school delinquency and dropouts, while promoting self-discipline, personal accountability, and self-esteem. These services are provided year-round.

PCO is designed to empower  youth to become responsible and productive members of their families and community.

 Economically distressed neighborhoods are greatly affected by the urban problems of gang violence, drug abuse, high teen pregnancy rates, school dropout and crime. PCO attempts to help participants redirect their energies into positive goals for the future rather than falling into the destructive path taken by many youth. They are taught to value education, delay gratification, view life as sacred and set responsible priorities. Our clients acquire social and leadership skills through role models, mentoring techniques, academic support. In addition, they learn the importance of respect and communication in their relationships with others.

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